Urgent Notification from CCU Epidemic Prevention Team_2021/04/30

In today’s evening (Apr. 30), our university has been informed that there are colleagues and students have close contact with the confirmed cases of COVID-19. All contacts are now in quarantine and hope that they will finish the quarantine healthily and safely.

Regarding to the above-mentioned, our school launches a series of prevention mechanism as follows:
1. Immediate implement a school-wide disinfection especially to the history activity areas of the contacts last week.
2. All courses taken by the contacts will be switched to remote teaching, and the Academic Affairs will take charge of the relevant courses’ information announcement.
3. Our university will start to carry out temperature measurement and mask wearing actions.
4. All colleagues and students ought to conduct self-health management for 14 days (from now till May 14). If you have any symptoms like fever, respiratory symptoms, abnormal taste or smell, please report to both epidemic prevention contact windows of each department and the Health Center of Office of Students Affairs (ext. 12345).

The above-mentioned treatments will last for 2 weeks from now to May 14. In this severe period, please be more vigilant, wash your hands frequently, maintain good personal health management, and well-cooperate with all epidemic prevention measures in campus. Hope all colleagues and students can be cooperative and ensure everyone\’s health and safety.