⚠️ Self-Report System for Staff & Students

All of the Staff & Students Fill out the Self-Report System for Staff & Students before 3/12

★Respondents: All the staff and students, including the project-appointed assistants

★Period:The travel and exposure history during 2/19 and 3/11

Why should we fill out the survey again while we have already done once during winter vacation?

▲The one which was done in winter vacation only surveyed until 2/18.

▲In order to cope with the changing of the novel coronavirus outbreak, we must conduct a survey again to grasp the travel and exposure history and monitor the outbreak of all the teachers and students in our school.

▲More information:https://studaffbh.ccu.edu.tw/files/14-1002-14485,r60-1.php?Lang=zh-tw

▲You can contact:


衛生保健組護理師 徐郁雯





**Self-Report System for Staff & Students