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Undergraduate Program

An undergraduate student needs to complete 128 credits to graduate, including 28 credits in general education, 32 credits in the required courses offered by the Department, 44 elective courses from the Department and 24 electives offered either by the Department or by other departments in the University. Required courses offered by the Department include Chinese dynastic history; world history, national history, and special topics in history. In addition, students can do a double major or opt for a minor filed. They can also take courses that qualify them to teach in primary and secondary schools.

MA Program

An MA student, in order to graduate, needs to complete 30 credits, participate in ” Lecture and Discussions”, hold the first draft of degree thesis presentation, academic lectures, teachers and students talks and so on ,and pass an oral examination. The required course for MA students is “An Introduction to Historical Research ” and ”Selected Reading On Chinese History”.

PhD Program

A PhD student, in order to graduate, needs to complete 27 credits, pass a comprehensive examination, a test in a second foreign language other than English, and an oral examination. The required course for PhD students is the same as MA program. At present, courses offered by the Department for the MA and PhD Programs fall into 16 areas, namely, medieval Chinese history, Ming-Ching history, world history, early-modern Chinese history, Taiwanese history, historical documents, economic history, social and political history, Sino-foreign relations, historical geography, history of thought, religious history, historiography, ethnic history, modern and contemporary Chinese history, and art history.


Degree Requirements for Undergraduate Studies ,MA&PhD ..odt

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