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Brief History

The Department of History was founded in 1991, offering an MA degree program. In 1993, the undergraduate program was established, and the PhD program followed in the subsequent year.

The Department is committed to training future historians by providing them with rigorous programs that combine traditional Chinese and weseternhistorical studies with methods from the social sciences. The two principal domains of research in the Department are medieval Chinese history, and Taiwanese history. The Department is particularly strong in medieval Chinese history. Research interests of the faculty cover almost all aspects of the medieval period. They range from political history, social history,cultural history and urban history toreligious history.


The Department has 14 full-time and 11 part-time faculty members. All the faculty members hold a doctoral degree, which they earned from top-notch universities in Asia, Europe, and America. Their research specialties range from historical thoughts and social, economic, political, cultural,urban, art history and historical geography.

Basing on above-mentioned strong backgrounds, the Department offers a large selection of basic and advanced courses on historical subjects. In addition to the researches and teachings within the university, the Department also actively engages itself with both the local and the international academic communities. In terms of the local communities, the Department has been continuously workingwith the neighbouring counties to establish historicalarchives. And international-wise, the Department is in alliance with various departments in universities at Hong Kong and in China and have cooperated to work on a variety of joint academic projects.

Future Development

Besides the medieval Chinese history, the Department has also strong faculty members in the fields of Taiwanese history, which enable the Department to fully develop its two principle specialty areas. The Department aims to integrate research specialties of its faculty members and to further organise research groups for specific research topics. Additionally, in recent years the Department has obtained a substantial amount of local and religious archives. Through re-arranging, catagorising and digitalising these archival documents, the Department plans to make these historical resources available for public use in the near future.



168, University Rd., Min-Hsiung Township, Chia-Yi County, Taiwan(R.O.C.)


886-5-2720411 ext. 21301 Mrs. Lai, 21302 Mr. Jiang



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