Q: How can I get the information of your department?

A: Please visit the website of National Chung Cheng University at http://ewww.ccu.edu.tw/. Click into the website page of the Department of History, College of Arts, or you may browse https://depthis.ccu.edu.tw/english/index.html directly.

Q: Whom should I contact with?

A: You may contact with us by e-mail address: depthis@ccu.edu.tw or contract with Miss Mei-Hung Lai (Tel No.: 05-2720411 ext. 21301) or Mr. Chi-An Chiang (Tel No.: 05-2720411 ext. 21302). Tel. No. of the Department of History: 05-2720618, Fax No.: 05-2720571.

Q: With regard to the item of “Self Introduction” in the School Recommendation Form or the Application Form, is there any limitations in its format or number of words?

A: You may download the form of “Self Introduction” directly from our website at http://oia.ccu.edu.tw/ciaeenglish/admissions.html or prepare the form by yourself. The contents of the “Self Introduction” should include the course of your schooling, your interests, specialties, study plan, study and career outlook, etc. The total number of words is limited in no more than 1000 words.

Q: What do “achievements and works” mean in the application form?

A: Achievements and works mean any published works or manuscripts which have not published yet, or any newspaper clippings, reading reports, etc. collected during the senior high school period.

Q: At the second stage of the school’s recommendation, there will be a written examination on history. What are the examination subjects?

A: The examination subjects will include Chinese history (50%) and foreign history (50%). Anyone who needs the samples of the past examinations may visit the website page of this department.

Q: How many professors will be present in the interview?

A: About 3~5 professors.

Q: How long will it take for an interview?

A: Each student will be given an interview of about 10 minutes.

Q: What kinds of questions will be asked in the interview?

A: The purpose of the interview is to evaluate students abilities in language, expression, response and thinking as well as their knowledge of history instead of baffling students. So just relax yourself and take it easy to answer all questions. All candidates will be asked to introduce themselves for about 2-3 minutes. You should take this opportunity to show your special quality and strong points.

Q: At which interchange should I get off the freeway in order to head toward to your school?


South Bound (Chung Shan Freeway):
  Get off Talin Interchange> Provincial Highway> Minsyong> National Chung Cheng University

North Bound (Chung Shan Freeway):
  Get off Jiayi Interchange> Beigang Road> Boai Road> Jhongsiao Road Minsyong> National Chung Cheng University

You may also get on the Second Southern Freeway and get off Jhuci Interchange> County Highway No. 166> Minsyong> National Chung Cheng University

Q: May students who are admitted to your university through “school recommendation” or “individual application” apply for department transfer?

A: The students who enter this university through “school recommendation” are not allowed to apply for department transfer unless a special condition which has been approved by the academic affairs meeting. The students who enter this university through “individual application” may apply for department transfer.

Q: What’s the condition of your dormitories on campus for the undergraduates?

A: We have more than 2500 beds in our dormitories for the undergraduates. All freshmen must live in the dormitories. Sophomores and above may apply for dormitories, and the allotment of dormitories shall be decided by lot drawing. Our dormitories provide 4-bed rooms which are fully-equipped and safe, elegant and comfortable environment and good functions of living. We also have resident tutors in each dormitory to provide students after-school tutorial.

Q: Except the credit hours required, what are the other requirements should an undergraduate meet for graduation?

A: In addition to the 128 credits hours set by this department, all undergraduates must meet the school’s requirements for “English proficiency” and “computer ability”. Moreover, you will be qualified for graduation only when you have taken part in the “life experience and community service” activity within 2 years after you enter this university.