NameRankDegree InstitutionSpecialized AreasE-mail
Chu, Chen-HungProfessor & ChairPh.D, National Chung Cheng UniversityHistory of the Medieval China
The Culture and Histories of Nomadic People in North Asia
Chinese Historiography
Mao, Han-KuangEmeritus ProfessorPh.D, Committee of the Ministry of Education,R.O.CHistory of Medieval Chinese SocietyPolitical HistoryResearch on Stelae Inscriptionshishkm@ccu.edu.tw
Lui,Kar-KaiEmeritus ProfessorPh.D,Committee of the Ministry of Education,R.O.CChines Historiography Minorities History of the Medieval China Political Institution of the Medieval Chinahiskkl@ccu.edu.tw
Fang,Jyh-ChyangProfessorPh.D, Phil of Sussex UniversityWestern Historiography.
History of England
World History
Lee,Rouh-WenProfessorPh.D, Tokyo UniversityHistory of Japan .
Social History of Taiwan .
History of Ch'ing Dynasty.
Lee,Shwh-ChingProfessorPh.D, University of London ,Art HistoryHistory of Western Art.
History of Chinese Art.
History of Art in Taiwan .
Olga RapoportProfessorPh.D, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of SciencesHistory of Ancient China
History of previous Qin Dynasty
Yang,Yu-HsunProfessorPh.D, National Taiwan Normal UniversityHistory of Sung Dynasty.
Social History of Sung Dynasty. Financial History of Sung Dynasty
Yang, Wei-ChenProfessor Ph.D, National Chengchi UniversityHistory of Chinese Communist Party. History of Contemporary China .
History of Modern China
History of Relations between Taiwan and a Military History of China .
Chang,Hsiu-JungAssociate ProfessorPh.D, National Taiwan Normal UniversityHistory of the Ming and Ch'ing Periods.Western Historyhishjc@ccu.edu.tw
Chang,Chien-ChiuAssociate ProfessorPh.D, National Chengchi UniversityPostwar History of Taiwan
Social History of Mordern Taiwan .
Kuo, Hsiu-lingAssociate ProfessorPh.D, University of EdinburghEuropean Urban History, European Modern Cultural History, 19th- and 20th-century Euroepan Art and Architectural History, History and Theory of Modernity, Art Criticismhsiuling@gmail.com
Chun-liong Ng.Associate ProfessoPh.D, the University of St.Andrews,the UK.Ancient Greece. Ancient Rome.History of Political Thought.
Ancient Greek. Democracy and Law in Ancient Societies.
Tzu-Hsin, TuAssociate ProfessoPh.D, University of Kassel, GermanyHistory of Germany, History of Austria&House of Habsburg, History of Central&Eastern Europe(Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary), History of Balkan region, Jewish ethnic issuesbauer9709@gmail.com
Yun-Jo LinAssociate ProfessoPh.D., National Taiwan UniversityChinese Medieval History, Chinese Medieval Buddhism History, Chinese Medieval Culture History, History of Ancient Western and Eastern Cultural Exchanged92123004@ntu.edu.tw
Lee, Chao-YiAssistant ProfessorPh.D,National Chung Cheng UniversityHistory of Chin & Han Dynasties.History of WeI,Jin,Northern & Southern Dynasties.
History of the Han and Tang Military System. History of the Han and Tang Political System.
wood, bamboo and silk texts from the Chin-Han period
Chuan-Cheng, SuAssistant ProfessorPh.D,National Chung Cheng UniversityHistory of Religion, History of Taiwan, Cultural Heritage Preservation & Conservation
Historical Archaeology, Field Research