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Information for Undergraduate Admissions .

I. Admission of Foreign Students

  1. Admission through screening
    1. School Recommendation
      1. Competence test for academic subjects: 30%
      2. Written examination on History (Chinese History and Western History): 30%
      3. Interview: 40%
    2. Individual Application
      1. Competence test for academic subjects: 30%
      2. Examination of application materials: 30%
        1. Academic records in school: 35%
        2. Projects and written the work: 50%
        3. Service and prizewinning Awards: 15%
      3. Interview: 40%
  1. Admission through examination

II. For information about admission of foreign students, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs of this university.

III. Brief History
¡@The Department of History was founded in 1991, when only the MA degree program was offered. The undergraduate program was established in 1993. The following year saw the addition of the PhD program.

IV. Teaching
¡@The Department is committed to training future historians by providing them with a rigorous program that combines traditional Chinese studies in literature, history and philosophy with methods from the social sciences. The four principal domains of research in the Department are medieval Chinese history, Ming-Ch¡¦ing history, world history, and, more recently, Taiwanese history. The Department is particularly strong in medieval Chinese history. Research interests of the faculty cover almost all aspects of the medieval period. They range from political history, social history, religious history and ethnic history to historical geography.

¡@All the faculty members hold a doctoral degree, which they earned from top-notch universities in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Since 2002, Professor Wong Young¡Vtsu has been appointed Chair Professor of the Department. Professor Sun Lung-kee joined the faculty in 2004. Together, they would help the Department grow into a major center for the study of new cultural history as well as modern and contemporary Chinese history.

V. Current Development:
¡@The traditional strength of the department, as mentioned above, has been medieval Chinese history, Ming and Ch¡¦ing Dynasties history, and Western history. Recently, Taiwanese history has been added to the academic offerings. While emphasis is still laid on the research and teaching of medieval Chinese history, the department is also gaining a reputation for its strong line-up of faculty in Taiwanese history. Under the leadership of Professor Wong Young ¡Vtsu and Professor Yen Shang-wen, the department has participated in the competition for the NT$50 billion funding earmarked for the development of top international universities and top research centers in Taiwan. Their efforts have resulted in the establishment of the Taiwan Humanities Research Center, which was subsidized by the Ministry of Education. With funding from this newly-established Center, the department plans to invite first-class scholars in the fields of literature, history, philosophy, religion and art to teach at the University. The goal is to bring humanities research on Taiwan in the University to the academic forefront in Asia.

¡@Another area that the Department intends to develop is new cultural history. The addition to the Department of Professor Wong Young-tsu and Professor Sun Lung-kee, who are experts in cultural history and historiography, is expected to enhance the quality of teaching and research in the Department, particularly in the three designated areas of study, namely ¡§History and Thought,¡¨ ¡§Society and Religion¡¨ and ¡§State and Economy.¡¨

VI. Program
¡@Undergraduate Program
¡@An undergraduate student needs to complete 128 credits to graduate, including 28 credits in general education, 20 credits in the required courses offered by the Department, 66 elective courses from the Department and 14 electives offered either by the Department or by other departments in the University. Required courses offered by the Department include Chinese dynastic history; world history, national history, and special topics in history. In addition, students can do a double major or opt for a minor filed. They can also take courses that qualify them to teach in primary and secondary schools.


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